Paula Kajzar and Antonio Pellicano

Poland and Italy Reggio Calabria

Romeo en Juliette 50x50 cm Lambdaprint op Dibond

€ 350,00

On the stage of life an invisible tragedy takes place that binds us together, a drama of endless plots created by the states of mind. We are involved in interpersonal relationships that populate our inner landscapes. In addition to these players coming from the outside world, each hidden inside  universe called Animus or Anima. Two elements in continuous movement… responsible for the differences in our psyche that define our membership to the two sexes.


Paula Kajzar (Poland 1973) started with black and white photography and street documentaries. At the time she did not realize that this very innocent romance with the photography would become serious enough to put her interests in painting and history on a second stage.
After a few longer journeys and getting to know better the photography made her wish to use this technique to express her abstract vision on the world and also aim for a dialogue in the field of arts.
That was the time when she decided to study at the Fine Arts Academy in professors Szajbo’s class receiving highest possibly notes for her works. At the same time she was finishing the Mediterranean Archeology studies, getting to know Italy and Italian language and culture.
In 1998 she became partner with photographer Antonio Pelliciano creating a very interesting artistic duet.
Antonio Pellicano is a marketing specialist in Reggio Calabria. His fascination with photography began in the US. Like Paula he evoked his love for this art through travelling.
The first combined photo exhibition of Paula and Antonio was „The Shadows of Calabria”, that in a poetic way showed the anthropologist vision of this interesting province in very suggestive frames of the medieval Monastery in Gerace and magnificent castles in Sicily.
The exhibition was highly valued by visitors and critics – over a 1000 enthusiastic remarks came in their guest-book.
Success did not leave them ever since.In 2000 on commission of the Department of Culture in Reggio Calabria they worked on the documentation of this city. As a result of their research the exhibition that came to life was shown in the prestigious interiors of the National Museum of Great Greece Archeology. The explication of this exposition got shape in a multimedia collage “City of Sun”, that among 250 others of that kind of presentations was selected for the Cultural—Touristic Film Festival in Milan. Simultaneously Paula and Antonio made several reportages in Tunisia, Thailand, Spain, Holland and Poland.
In August 2000 they made “Between Us” in Warsaw and then in April 2001 in Valencia a show inspired by poetry of Miron Bialoszewski and the theater by Helmut Kajzar (1941) titled “Presupposition of the Reality”.

Since 2002 both artists in a natural way where pulled by theater photography and thanks to that the archive of outstanding photos documenting in very artistic form the productions of City Theater in Reggio Calabria and Messina is created. That is how the project “Metamorphosis” came to life. It have been shown in \"GREEN GALLERY\" Warsaw, noticed and published by “FOTO” Polish national photographic magazine. Second exhibition have taken place in Fine Arts Accademy of Reggio Calabria at November 2005 and then 2008 during International Dance Week in Spoleto. Thay have been collaborating with such a artist and companies as:
National Opera and Ballet of Rome ( Carla Fracci and Beppe Menegatti) and dancers Giuseppe Piccone, Fabio Grossi, Roberto Bolle, Bredley Shelver of Limon Dance Company, Inaki Urlesaga Dance Company , Rafael Amargo Dance Company, M. Astolfi Spellbound Dance Company, Balletto Teatro di Torino coreogr. Matteo Levaggi., Mvula Suvani Italian Dance Theatre , Italian production of ”Notredame de Paris”. In 2007 have been published „Theatre Visions” exclusive publication of photos and followed by 100 photos exhibition in Fuaier Theater Cilea in Reggio Calabria.
For the first time their project “Animus Anima” was presented by Arps&Co Gallery in 2008-2012.