Angela Brisnovali



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portrait nisyros (2)Exhibition Project for OverdeKunst-Netherlands   “Cast Shadows/Popping Color

Angela Brisnovali is a visual artist from Greece holding a BFA Degree in “Painting” and “History of Art”,  from Pratt Institute in NY, and an MFA Degree in “Combined Media” from Hunter College, in NYC; she is an alumni of  The Whitney Museum of American Art - Independent Study Program-1996. Since 2001, she teaches Drawing & Color & 3D at the University of the Aegean-Department of Product & Systems Design Engineering in the Island of Syros in the Cyclades. In teaching Art & Design she explores how Drawing and Color are applied in various phases of the design process using observation drawing and painting in the natural or man-made environments. She has worked in the Theater as set and costume designer in the past and has exhibited widely in Europe and the US. For a detailed CV of Angela:

Artist’s Statement about the Window Project:

Project Title: “Cast Shadows/Popping Color”, Drawing & Paintings

An investigation of light and color in the Industrial and Urban environment.


As an artist living next to a very special industrial complex of the Shipyards of my city-port Ermoupoli (the city of Hermes-God of Commerce) and working under the intense light of the Cycladic sun, I like to explore the effects of light, color and shadow in the natural environment and in my city.

The city-port or Syros, has over a century long history of ship-building industry in the Aegean, which is still alive today. So my new Art Project is about this large scale industrial complex, called Noerion. It is part of my everyday life to look at large ships docked so close to the land, observe the movement of the cranes and the workers running around all day. This affects my perception of my city, my art-work and my teaching.

That is why I never leave home without my camera; I never know when I will see the next colorful ship from China or the Nordic countries or South America. When I get to my studio, I do lots of drawings and color studies from these pictures. Big machinery, colorful crates, large scaffolds, immense propellers, lots of docks and storage spaces filled with engineering parts and machines are all in back-yard and feel like a playground for me!

 All this, creates fantastic complicated images based on the light, the grid and perspective, and that is the stuff drawings are made of. When you add the intense industrial-safety-colors, around these sites, you have the stuff that paintings are made of.

That is why I wanted to share my new work of this Project, in your country of a similar long ship-building tradition and industrial places but different light conditions. Who knows this might be my next project! Enjoy!

 You can follow work from 2013 and the progress of this Project: