Erica Campanella


Little Hug (2011) Olieverf op koper 60x70 cm

€ 2400,00



The artist was born in Milan in 1974.

She has been given a diploma by the academy of fine art of Brera moves freely among painting, restoring and decoration.


The call to meditation that the metropolis can unexpectedly offer is captured with extraordinary sensitivity by Erica Campanella who, with a refined trait, reproduces it in picturesque Milanese views, which, emptied of the city’s congestion, are consecrated to a few human figures.

 It is fascinating to follow the characters’ interior journeys and the stories of their urban wanderings which for some will mean the quiet, wide naves of a Church to seek time for meditation.

It is here, starting from this moment of deep thought that we will dare to follow them beyond, in their introspective descent, as far as sharing their most intimate human spirituality.

Erica lovingly and intimately approaches the soul of her characters,  but at the same time, she chooses to vigorously portray them in the forefront, highlighting the sweet expression of their faces and their shiny gazes. It is a mysticism which celebrates the values of humanity and of its emancipation.

This is the ultimate essence of Erica Campanella conveyed with amazing intensity and momentum on fine copper plates which enhance the content.