Esra Kizir Gökçen


Artifical Layers (Triptic 40x105cm) 3x(40x35)cm 2014 Acrylic and oil on canvas

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 inite Esra


Esra about her work:

""Art is the direct way to communicate without any borders. It gives me the power to touch hearts and minds directly...

And all I want to say is:

Human beings are a part of the nature not precious than any other being. Respecting each other and everyhting surrounds us, results peacefullness. But we create monsters with our unsatisfied passion. Instead of living in harmony, our choice brings us to an end. We pollute, consume, neglect and wound each other. As we do the same to the nature. Observe and imagine...

How do I work?

In the beginning I usually work with pen or watercolor and indian ink on paper. These works are my way of thinking and getting ready to the concept I work on. Then I decide what technic to use; canvas, engraving or bigger sized paper works...I draw a lot, like writing a diary. Express every feeling and thinking inside.This is the way I managed to know myself. I observe all the time and express the way it makes me feel. So making my soul free...

 The Bubbles’ motto...

We all live in our own unique worlds. Have our own way of thinking.We‘re creating fragile protection shields for our values as symbolized in bubbles​​. But in fact the most protected is mostly in danger.These bubbles protects our souls such as naive globes, such as glasshouses... Seem strong, fragile in fact. 

The balance and the peace in “Bubbles” symbolizes, our need to respect each other and live in harmony. The ideal society made of the individuals who gained inner wholeness. My utopia is the peaceful union of completed individuals.

Technic of the Bubbles Series...

In late 2010, I wanted to combine my work which I have been doing with many different technics, as a whole in one.I combined watercolor, acrylic, oil painting, impasto, collage and engraving technics. This combination’s result is multy-layered works on canvas; Bubbles Series."

Biography ( Esra Kizir Gökçen)

Graduated from the Graphic Department of Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty,
also had pedagogical formation from Ataturk Education Faculty of the same university.

Worked as graphic designer and illustrator in advertising agencies and broadcast industry.

Carrying on her painting, exlibris and print making studies,

runs worshops for children and adults in her studio at Anadolu Hisarı Istanbul.

Organizes corporate art activity events with an event agency.

Since 2005 participated many group exhibitions.

Esra Kizir Gökçen’s works are placed in various private and museum collections in

Turkey, America, China, Italy, Cyprus, Finland and Ucraine.

Member of “İstanbul Exlibris Academy Association” and "İstanbul Exlibris Association."

The general secretary of "Lokomotif Culture and Art Association”.


Juried Exhibitions

2013 1. All Arts Istanbul Art Fair, Marjinart Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2012 34. FISAE Naantali Exlibris Congres Exhibitiion-Finland

2011 San Min Cup International Exlibris Invitation Competition – (Won The Excellent Prize), China

2010 1st Mini-print international in Kyiv, Ucraine

2010 1. International Exlibris Competition Exhibition, Nicosia, Cyprus

2008  Shoe Art Istanbul Street Fair ( installation project)

2008 32.Fisae Exlibris China Contest Exhibition Beijing World Art Museum, China

2008 32.Fisae Exlibris China Competition Exhibition Beijing, China

2006  Int. Original Print Exhibition, Tophane-i Amire, Istanbul, Turkey

Solo Exhibitions

 2011 “Bubbles” – Utopia Platform Art Gallery, Istanbul

2007 "Floral Fairy Tales" - Urun Art Gallery, Istanbul

2004 "Little Prettiness" - Beykoz Service Center, Istanbul