Gilda Pontbriand

Canada - Ottawa

Mayan Sak VII, 38x58,4 cm mixed media op papier

€ 547,00



"My art is inundated with spirituality and symbolism and portrays several cultural, sociological and cosmological messages.  Symbols represent the inter-relationship between man and universe, the visible and the invisible, the real and the intangible, the eternal and the fleeting, the natural and the supernatural.  Only by understanding this inter-relationship we will be able to understand ourselves.    


                Symbols represent universal patterns of human thought that reside in our collective subconscious.   They have played a very important part in the history of mankind, from religion to politics, art, sociology, mythology, etc.  In this series I portray the importance of symbolism in the Pre Columbian Cultures of America. "Gilda Pontbriand