Monica Forrer


Etre! Just be! (Acryl and oil on canvas 50x70cm

€ 900,00


Curriculum vitae

A dominant trend in contemporary art expresses the disarticulation of values and beliefs. Not surprisingly, a huge open eye on the world mostly reflects violence, power relationships, ugliness and despair. Some art is about one step further in shocking. Both are very honest in the mirror of our time, a physiological reaction of our drive to survive and for sure a central aspect of contemporary art.

But there are other emotions. The wide-open eyes of contemporary art see more in the mirror. What keeps us alive and feeds our strength and hope takes little part in this trend. Although endangered and facing crucial stakes, life is there, fighting with partly mighty and partly extremely delicate tools. Partly with us, but often endangered and despite humans. 

A small part of my work is fueled by revolt at injustice. But most is peaceful. No smile, no happiness is fed by despair, violence and power. I paint what feeds me peaceful flashes of happiness. These days, a diving kingfisher does so. I paint my “coups de foudre” for life and this spreads a balm over open wounds about the world. I have this hope that it might do the same to some others.

I feel some influences from far-oriental tradition, in the tendency to work “à plat”, the use of gold, the subject and a reference to meditation, a practice long lost in our societies. Today’s interest in the west for new ways of spirituality and meditation is one more expression of nature and capital values endangered by too much individualism, selfishness and greed. This too is very contemporary, and another way of reacting to the dominance of industrial and economical criteria over respect for capital more human values. Some art celebrates life and the threats it is facing, I think it very wrong to consider this as a look backwards. Art claims to be open-minded, I cannot help testing this with a smile.