Ralf Jung


Project Head 12-42x25x23cm

€ 2000,00

German artist based in Spain (Oberhausen 15-06-1964) and member of Collective CÓJER (Oya Jung Collective for Emancipation and Insurgence) whose purpose is to promote artistic activities that reflect and fight for individual freedom against the rights of group, and to encourage insurgancy against violations of individual rights, in any its many forms.

In addition to his sculptural activity that develops in his workshop (Taller de escultura Jung- Vigo), Ralf Jung, as an artist member of the Collective CÓJER and in combating social exclusion, is the author of videocreations, performances, fotoart and participate in the development of the Artist Notebook of the collective, where the art of sculpture and photography join the prose and poetry.


what does Ralf Jung say?
“After almost five years carving stone portraits with great
detail I was doomed to a change of scenery or at least material.
Clay allowed me to work, unlike the stone,
very quickly, remembering a cartoonist doodling sketches. 
This gave me the opportunity to work almost without thinking, instinctively, without
concern for the final look. The goal has been to capture the expression
instantly. The result was "Project Head", a series of portraits shaped 
as masks and casted in cement colored with pigments and the 
varied textures are highlighting the individuality of the subjects.”


Daily materials for daily suffering

Ralf Jung, German sculptor based in Spain, presents a risky bet both in materials and subject. Faces masks, whose expressions evoke the innermost and darksome thoughts of these nameless persons, spring from the same darkness and vulgarity of the material, cement, becoming a noble material, through the efforts of the artist, able to reflect the subtlety of human feeling. 



On this Fb photo album you can follow the progress of the whole Project Head:


Jung regulary updates with the latest works.