Stefano Catalini

Italia (Le Marche)

Yellow (2006) 50x56cm mixed media on canvas

€ 2544,00

Stefano Catalini is in Amterdam van 12 tot 21 april! Je kunt met hem spreken met een tolk erbij. Laat even weten of je dat leuk vindt.Reageer:

Hier is zijn catalogus in het Engels over de tentoonstelling in Amsterdam. Catalogo15x15web(2) Een mooi voorbeeld van abstracte kunst, filosofie en perfectie. Kom even genieten, dan krijg je het boek cadeau. Je bent heel welkom. Stefano is ook vakdocent.

Stefano Catalini , was born in Mogliano Marche in 1961.

He began to draw and paint since he was 10 years old. On the advice of the art teacher of the local school Catalini, in 1976 entered at the ISIA ( art school ). He gets his diploma in advance in 1979 after this he enters the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata. Hhe studied under Remo Brindisi, Magdalo Mussio and Armando Ginesi. He completed his studies in 1983.

In 1978 he organized the first solo exhibition in an old printing office. The next year he took the passion for black and white photography. He builds a darkroom in an old cottage. in this place he paints for years. In 1980, with three students in his class of painting at the Academy, he founded the Group G.E.F. In the first half of the eighties he begins to be interesed and even passioned for visual communication  and screen printing and lithographic industry, where it is stated for stylistic and formal rigor.

he works for twenty years as graphic designer and creative director. Quietly he continues his pictorial production. In 2009 unless the passion for original prints he begins a careful production of intaglio etchings.

Although the pictorial reflection remains at the origin of the artistic career, his incisive, brutaland his strong approach to the 
material on the canvas, beyond the limits of the original source of a flat screen, he transforms it to the territory of the sculpture. Here we are with the painted sculptures of the artist, who contemplates and makes use of heterogeneous materials (from wood to iron to the sand) working with sedimented multi-material deposits.