Steffen Kindt


miss-jørgensens-feeling 31x43 cm

€ 180,00

  steffen kindt esktop quality


"Cartoons, commercials, press photos, TV and movies were all vital sources of inspiration for most of the Pop Artists.

Perhaps some times it did not have a message, but yet the paintings were a very efficient way of communication. Strong, simple pictures with a graphic design that immediately caught the eye of the beholder without any disturbing “picture noise”.

In view of this the Danish Artist Steffen Kindt is a classic Pop Artist. His style is penetrating and graphically concise. His motive is often that of the modern woman, focusing on her face or body, which comes across very simple and yet very powerfull. Sometimes it even feels like he is dissolving the motive into strokes, shadows, light, lines and colours. So much that you suspect him of using the motive of a woman as an excuse to create a graphic orientated piece, where the expression of visual topography is really more important than that of the motive."

Ole Lindboe,

editor of ”Magasinet Kunst”