Therese Lydia Joseph

Suisse/Canada - Vancouver

In Touch-61x61cm-acrylic and collage

€ 700,00

This is what Therese has to say:

Every day I stumble upon the hidden beauty of ordinary, often unnoticed and disregarded subjects. I get caught up in the unexpected wonder of its form, shape and colour. My aim is to grab hold of the intense feeling this provokes in me and capture it on canvas. Using acrylics and mixed media allows me to approach the subject with great creativity. I love bright colours, texture and detail in my paintings. Ultimately I seek harmony between


“strength and fragility” and “vibrancy and serenity”.


When I feel the same awareness of wonder stirring in me as when I first came upon the hidden beauty - I know the painting is done and art is created.


About my Figurative Work: FACES” is a figurative/abstract series of portraits I am presently working on. I am passionate about drawing and painting faces and thoroughly enjoy seeing how personality and temperament come into being from an empty canvas. About my “FIGURES” - It fascinates me to portray ladies caught in a moment in time - moments of anticipation and dreams about the future – moments of memories and reflection of the past and present. Even though these moments might be sad, tough, unfair or undesired it is my aim to focus on that last flicker of hope, unseen beauty or strength that hides in the soul of my subjects. – “Hope is a waking dream.” – Aristotle


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