Xavier Yarto


de elementen, acryl op papier

€ 350,00


 DE ELEMENTEN VAN DE AARDE is een serie die een brug slaat tussen de oude Maya kunst en de eigentijdse abstracte schilderkunst.

In de serie zijn opgenomen: Regen, Water, Maan, Ondergaande Zon, Aarde, Metaal, Opkomende Zon, Vuur, Lucht, Steen.



Yarto is self-taught. He made his first serious work of art when he was
​ ​
a youngster working in an art
​ ​
gallery. As a child he loves painting all the time. His first children's painting is a Bisonte in oil
​ ​
paint on wood.
Through a gradual development he came to his personal signature, seeking for harmony and balance. With each composition he tries again to create something entirely new. It sometimes takes weeks before he is satisfied with the result and that can
​ ​
be  emotionally or physically exhausting.
Yarto works alone  in the most peaceful environment, sometimes with music, avoiding contact with people who ask questions.
 His current body of works consists of  many abstract paintings. In general he uses acrylics on canvas or paper, sometimes on wood. Sometimes he works with oil. Usually he begins to work from the center of the image, and from there he works towards the edges.
After his European breakthrough at Gallery Arps & Co. in Amsterdam in 2014 his paintings became favorite in many more places. Worldwide his work since then belongs to the permanent collection of 17 art galleries A small painting titled 
Darkness" hangs in a group exhibition in the Musée du Louvre. Paris.
Yarto participates in the international biennial in Cannes during the film festival.He received the Central Europe Fine Art Prize organized by the Modern Art Museum MAMAG. He has been invited by the Mexican Embassy in the Netherlands and Denmark.
​ Recently he is nominated for the Global Art Award in Dubai.​
The great masters whom he takes as examples are Jackson Pollock and Mark Rotkho. Currently he is reflecting on the work of a visual artist from the Dominican Republic: David Taveras and a Mexican: Reyna Zapata.
The work of Yarto is colorful, it refers to Tlaloc, the god of the Mayan culture depicted in pre -Spanish paintings and sculptures. 
He based this on the Earth Elements,  a series that builds a bridge between the ancient Maya art and contemporary abstract paintings .including
​ in​  the series:. Rain, Water, Moon, Setting Sun, Earth, Metal, Rising Sun, Fire, Air, Stone.
Yarto (1972) was born Coyoacan, which lies south of Mexico City. . He studied architecture.