Airco Caravan


Lingerie & Dutch Roses, print mounted on dibond 80x60

€ 650,00

"Seemingly Innocent with a Twist"

The work of Airco Caravan (Amsterdam / New York) is characterized by a conceptual and often colourful approach. The iconic works make the spectators wonder about themselves and current events in an intriguing way. The commentary on society and the experiences of the artist come together in the execution of the various artworks. This can be paintings in oil or acrylic, but also collage, sculpture or screen printing. The broad spectrum of Airco Caravan is a reflection of the zap culture. Anything is possible; there are no boundaries in style or theme. We however always see a clear signature in her works where limits are pushed between taboo and trivial, love and hate, life and death. Humour is not avoided, sometimes light-hearted, often somewhat sharper. The fresh colors and seemingly innocent images have a twist or deeper meaning not always shown directly to the viewer.

Window Dressing by Airco Caravan

The intriguing images of the photographic series are pictures of lingerie shop windows, photographed in cities all over the world, like New York, Santiago, Amsterdam and Madrid. The pictures have been modified by changing all products into the background color of the window, resulting in a color field like image where background becomes foreground, and where context becomes form. In these ever developing series I question the consumentism and sexualisation of our society. Does erotic underwear disturb the viewer in the street? Is it freedom or sexism?

These artworks became extra actual when Mumbai, India, voted to ban mannequins modeling lingerie in June 2013, because they believe it may reduce the number of rapes and sexual assaults. Is that true? Does it really work that way? It's up to the viewer to decide.

The Window Dressing series are not just lingerie photographs, other shop windows with toys, books, tools and guns are being created.

The images can be printed in different sizes, from 18 x 13 cm to 275 x 200 cm. Prices will vary.

Motel Rooms

The motel rooms I work with are inspired by articles in newspapers about motel murders. These small oil paintings question the innocent observer. In these pretty and colorful rooms nasty things have happened. Is it still tangible? Does a room reflect its past? In this way, I explore the boundaries of the seen and the unseen, the told and the untold, transforming seemingly innocent images into slightly disturbing, thought-provoking pieces of art. The bright colors emphasize the innocent first impression – which serves to deepen the darker side that lies beneath.

Throughout my work, I take a direct and challenging approach to ideas about existence. My art calls into question our awareness and convictions about the boundaries that separate desire and fear, life and death, love and hate. Iconic tools of power, religion and media are used to create paintings whose beauty and intensity offer the viewer an insight into art that transcends our familiar understanding of those domains. 

The Motel Rooms come in 3 formats : 34 x 34 cm (frame included) € 850,  28 x 28 cm (frame included) € 750, 24 x 24 cm (frame included) € 650

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Made in China

The Tibetan people in China are not allowed to celebrate the Dalai Lama’s 78th birthday on July 6, 2013. Chinese authorities have reinforced the ban on pictures of His Holiness. That is why Airco Caravan’s Cycling Art Gallery showed this painting July 5 and 6 in The Netherlands. See website.

Without knowing, 16 artists in China painted a part of the Dalai Lama. They were invited to produce ‘abstract’ impressionistic oil paintings, based on photos uploaded onto their websites. The pictures were pieces of the portrait, but were rotated and named ‘Curtains’, ‘Grandpa’, ‘Mango’ and the like. Together the Chinese painters created an illegal painting, symbolizing peace and unity in many different ways.

16 paintings, oil on linnen, 120 x 160 cm, 2013 (sold) For the press coverage of the event at the Chinese embassy on July 5, 2013, please visit  latest news


Bio of the artist  Airco Caravan


2013 Art Students League, New York

2011 Art Students League, New York

1988 Bachelor of Art HKU, Utrecht



2013 International Window, Arps & Co Gallery, Amsterdam (solo)

2013 Vienna Showcase, MOYA, Palais Schönborn, Vienna, Austria

2013 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition, Agora Gallery, New York

2013 Made in China, CNCPT13 Gallery, Amsterdam

2013 Airco Caravan's Cycling Art Gallery, The Hague and Amsterdam

2013 TOON-Amsterdam, Amsterdam

2013 Student Concours 2013 Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery, New York

2011 Art After Advertising, Kunstliefde Utrecht, Netherlands

2011 Artists Home & Abroad, The Broadway Gallery, New York

2011 Student Concours 2011, Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery, New York

2009 Design Festa Vol. 30. Tokyo, Japan.

2009 Bristol Museum, Great Britain (Illegal participation in Banksy exhibition)