Christine Wieland


number 0254

€ 350,00



Contemporary life

One of the most important tasks of art is to capture the expression of the respective period,  to document it and to comment on it. Many possibilities of description are available. I have chosen the objective  narrative way.

Which are the prominent  features of our time?

Terrific progress of technics and biologies, omnipresence of all kinds of media, intensive leisure time structuring, worldwide social changes, global networks etc.

It’s a vast area and therefore it’s easy to find material everyday and everywhere.Here the  principle “collect and use” applies..

Once a topic has captivated  brain and heart archives and and current media are searched through for more information.

CROSS MEDIA PAINTING uses the services of the press, magazines, movies, TV, internet, chronicles, advertising etc.

Interesting fragments of information from  various fields are combined to form a new piece of information, namely my narrative.  

It is very important for me to develop works that are full of secrets and not always immediately and easily legible for the beholder and that allow different interpretations. Partly they are documents of everyday life or they are comments on  political and social events and sometimes on the media themselves.

Once the story has been drafted  the painting process is so to speak just a question of choosing the right style of narrative.

Ausstel.. mit Vita


"Christine Wieland  entwirft  Bilder einer sich rasch verändernden Welt und greift Fixpunkte aus dem Leben unserer Massenmedien-Gesellschaft heraus, in der alles  gleichzeitig passiert und dokumentiert wird.

Hier wird kein globaler Stil propagiert, stattdessen zeichnet Christine Wieland in ihrer typischen Manier Informationen, Situationen und Lokalitäten. Die Schönheit des Moments, die Ästhetik technischer Geräte, aber auch das „Brüchigwerden“ des Fortschrittglaubens hält sie in ihren Arbeiten fest.

In der neuen Serie TINY hat eine Reduktion stattgefunden, die jedoch nur das Format betrifft, nicht die Ideen und Sujets. Es werden einfach nur noch Ausschnitte aus allem gezeigt."

Dr. Margrit Lurz, Kunsthistorikerin