Cristina Ghelfi

Italy - North


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Cristina Ghelfi woont en werkt in Modena, Italië. Zij tekende de drie zussen die zich op een sexy manier opstellen om dieren te beschermen tegen het leed dat ze wordt aangedaan. Ze zijn onschuldig alhoewel zij er niet zo uitzien. Ze heen Nina, Lucy en Lola. Ghelfi heeft er 12 jaar aan getekend en honderden illustraties gemaakt. In Italië zijn ze beroemd.


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ABOUT Cristina Ghelfi

Chicca Fine Art, created by Italian artist Cristina Ghelfi, is a design and illustration studio based in Modena-Italy. The unique “THE SEXY DOLLS” collection features her design through digitally painted illustrations and innovative imagination.

She also designs children's illustrations and created “THE MAGIC WORLD OF UTI” produced by Antonia Press, Los Angeles, CA.
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Artist Statements

With a background in advertising and graphic design, my vision is finally beginning to make sense. All my life I have been imaginative and inventive, which has helped me realize that I am happiest when I am being creative. Since my return from California, I have decided to trust the artist within me. My ever-restless entrepreneurial spirit has finally found a home in the limitless design of all things innovative and creative. I believe that in order to dream up inspirations, you have to nourish the spirit. I dive, delve into and digest everything around me, I mix it all together and create my own doctrine of life and the universe.

I visualize interlocking pieces of puzzles, seeking out parallels and collecting all of the clues around me. I am in constant awe and wonder of the world. This is what I pour into my art. This forward vision creates a sense of déjà vu in my work. As if I have already realized and produced the images I am only begging to think up. Ignited by fireworks, flashes of what I want swim in my head. Then all my energy centers on remembering and realizing all the specific details of exactly what each of the images are. Overhead projecting my vision onto paper and tracing as accurately as possible. Believing in and trusting my heart and my vision, doing what I love...These are the keys to success. This is what I challenge myself to inspire in others.

A question I often hear is, "What are “THE SEXY DOLLS” all about?". To date, “THE SEXY DOLLS” collection is represented by Nina, Lola and Lucy. They were born to love and protect what they cherish the most- the natural world, the trees, the flowers and animals of all kind through kindness and an open heart.
At first glance, in selected pieces, their eyes seem aggressive and their facial expressions and attire are provocative....Don't be fooled! This is just their way of attracting and drawing in strangers from a world they don't understand or like....